In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks  -John Muir

PWA Adventures
  1. Explore the artworks of nature with a single day canyoneering event. We offer a variety of canyons for all levels of experience. Canyoneering is a unique way to explore the majestic one of a kind canyons of the Southwest. Each holds rare and amazing features found no where else on Earth. Below the rim top of the desert, along these sacred water ways one can expect to almost feel as if they have gone into the prehistoric past.
    *Parker *Hog *First Water *Salome *Phantom
  2. Let the river sooth your soul and transport you through one of the most scenic and lush deserts in the world. The Sonoran Desert has a diverse array of life from soaring Bald Eagles over head to ridges of towering Saguaro Cactus and even giant Catfish , Carp, Blue Herrings and Egrets. This is a must see that requires little effort. The stunning vista views will surely rejuvenate and sooth your soul
    *Upper Salt River *Available with groups of 4+ or multi day tours only*
  3. The rock climbing areas we select offer the best in vista views and are the cleanest and safest routes available. We have various heights and technical levels to support all levels of experience. Increase your mental strength. Conquer your goals! Challenge yourself as confidence and self reliance increase with climbs allowing your body and mind to tap into your limitless potential to complete the climb.
    Rock Climbing
    *Queen Creek *Parker *Hog
  4. Participants will exercise the very meaning of teamwork. Our high adventure outdoor canyon courses allow people to detach from the distractions. They will engage in various tasks that enhance their skills, communication, trust, problem solving, strategizing and their physical and mental ability to work with others. We accommodate groups of all kind, from corporate to youth groups and many more.
    Team Building